I’m only just getting round to sorting out my old MyBlogLog account that I used to have on this blog.  I’ve been consolidating all my "Shinerweb" Social Networks and I’m afraid to say I nearly forgot about MyBlogLog .

One of the things you really need to check out on MyBlogLog is Connector.  I give up sometimes trying to work out where all my contacts on the various other social networks are.  I have multiple accounts on nearly all of the social networks, (which is why I’m currently setting up the "Shinerweb" Social Network for all the regulars I talk to).  I still need to keep my business contacts and business Social Networks, but I’ve built up quite a good number of new friends via my other accounts.  MyBlogLog’s Connector should be a good tool to keep track of them in one place.

One thing I hadn’t forgotten about was the take over of MyBlogLog by Yahoo a while back.  I needed to email support and I was dreading having to wait for some Yahoo tech with no knowledge of MyBlogLog, but nope, MyBlogLog support are still there working away.  It’s not often you get great response times with replies from real people with a working knowledge of the problem, (as opposed to those canned replies from automated scripts that annoy the heck out me). So hats off to support and especially Tilly. 

Keep up the great work, and keep rolling out those new features.