It was the night before Christmas, or so the saying goes.
Things have been a little hectic the last few days, so I’ve not had too much time to post. I’ve still been keeping up with the 40 or 50 so Blogs that I regulary read, including Dr. P whom I have added to my blog roll, which now appears lower down this page.
Anyway.. Today will be a day of cooking for me. I’ll be making all the savouries and sweats ready for tonight/tomorrow and the rest of the year , much to the annoyance of some around me.
(One of those cooks who uses every pot, pan and kitchen utensil in the house and tidies up at the end. But today will be an excuse for getting all 3 of my kids envolved now they are all old enough to help out/enjoy).
I was watching some daft program last night with a bunch of celebrities on it, and most of the comedians trying to hard to be funny. Most were slamming the Christmas shopping rush, the traditional emptying of shelves as most of us stock up for the impending nuclear winter that is Christmas. Correctly they pointed out that the shops must be closed for all of 12 hours, and asked why the need for all this buying in bulk? Well I for one will not be taking a foot outside of the house, or going anywhere near a shop until 2005. Christmas is my time for spending time with my family, not shopping. I’ll be cooking my butt off today, and apart from the main Christmas meal tomorrow, I’ll be living off a diet of cold meats, pickles, salads, savouries and desserts for the next week. I don’t feel the need to go shopping to buy things I don’t need at rediculusly low prices, because I don’t need them. I don’t want to go shopping on Boxing day, or the day after that, or the next day for bread, milk, sugar or any other normal daily items. I want to spend that time at home, with my kids who are also off school on HOLIDAY, playing with their toys, putting together that toy with a trillion moving parts. I don’t want to stand for hours in front of a stove, or fretting over what all five of us are having for Tea that night. It will be a case of eat what you want from the larder/fridge or wherever. It’s a time off from the outside life, where we remember what is most important to us all, ourselves and our family. Oh, there is also the little matter of Christ Out Lords birth, not the 60% off a $4000 fake fur coat at Harrods. On January the 5th, I will rejoin the pandamonium that is our normal life of work, shop, eat and sleep, but for my Christmas break, I intend to eat, play, live, enjoy, remember and be thankfull for all I have around me. For all of those penny pinching, fame grabbing, self centered so called celebrities for who Christmas is reminding themselve of how important they are to themselves, I suggest this year they alter the location of where the Paxo goes and give the turkey a break.