Outsourcing of jobs is accelerating in U.S: ” The most compelling incentive remains the disparity between wages earned in the United States and in less-developed countries. In India, a computer programmer with a college degree and two or three years of experience earns about $20,000 a year, according to companies that employ workers there. Call-center workers there earn about $1,200 a year, compared with Brightman’s $40,000 salary from AT&T.
This is another one of those subjects that annoys me. It is not just in the US that this is happening. The UK has started outsourcing so many of its jobs now.
We have no manufacturing, and our engineering is fast disappearing too. I’m starting to wonder what employment will be available for our kids.
What are we as Great Britain going to be famous for in the future? We’ll be a nation of cottage industries before too long.
It was the great industrial revolution that killed off the cottage industry and it appears we are going full circle, except the revolution has been replaced by industry searching for higher profits.
There isn?t a single job that can?t be done overseas so much cheaper than here in the UK and there isn?t much we can do about. It?s not the fault of those overseas. They are merely trying to survive as we are. As in the article above, how can we compete with two workers doing the same job? One earning is earning $1,200 a year and the other $40,000.