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Where was everybody ? Abroad or in front of the Xbox?

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It must have been the third week of the summer school holidays in most places around the UK.  My wife was still working and wasn’t due her vacation for a few more days, so I had to keep the kids entertained until we could all do something together.
As is always the case this time of the year, the subject of "what to do and where to go" was all over the national and local news.

But I am confused?

Two adults, two children, 9-10 hours of watching top class motor racing at one of Europe’s best racing courses (and I really do mean one of the top circuits in Europe!). Total cost? £24 (£20 if you had booked your tickets online). 

But the most confusing part, was that the place was virtually empty, and I mean really empty.  There were more family members of the drivers than actual visitors. I would even go as far as saying there were probably more circuit marshals than their were spectators.

Admittedly, the weather forecast for the day wasn’t too good, but it wasn’t that bad either. Yet again, perhaps people know just how crap the weather forecasts are in the UK because actually, the weather was horrendous. It was cold, windy and the rain came down like stair rods which played havoc with my back, but made for better racing rather than having just the one or two cars speeding off into the distance (as happens in F1).
We got to see drivers driving which sounds quite daft until you think about it.
There was also the small matter of the Olympics starting today, but I can’t believe for one minute that people would have preferred to have watch that on television in preference to a day out.

So where was this all happening?

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Parles Vous Francais

Seeing as my son starts secondary school in 5 weeks time and one of his subjects will be French, I’ve been looking at various software.

One of the better ones appears to be:

Linkword French Levels 1 to 4 software language courses.
Level 1 teaches an extensive vocabulary and basic grammar in just 10-12 hours, about 3 times faster than normal learning methods. At the end of level 1 you would be able to say, for example ‘Where is the waiter?’ What is the time?’ or ‘Help, I want an ambulance’ or ‘He wants the Bill’ etc. The level 2 course takes slightly longer to go through but after completing level 2 your vocabulary and grammar will be virtually doubled, and the increased number of verbs will allow you greater flexibility in speaking. The levels 3 and 4 courses involve an increased intensity of grammar so that at the end of the course you will be able to write letters, use verbs in the past, present and future, deal with complex prepositions, and much, much more.

C’a été un long temps (24 ans) puisque le bout de I a fait des leçons françaises. Je ne peux pas dire que mon professeur français et moi avons poursuivi très bien.