Whilst serving on HMS Juno (F52), we’d sailed into Trieste, Italy and was looking forward to going ashore.  In the distance, we could see a massive ship approaching the harbour.  It soon became obvious it was the Russian Space Communications ship – Kosmonavt Yuriy Gagarin (Russian: Космона́вт Ю́рий Гага́рин – English: Cosmonauts  Yuri Gagarin ).  I’m pretty sure our Ops Officer was having kittens and as it transpired, the Yuri docked right behind our ship mere feet away!   Juno was my first ship in the RN and to me, it was a big ship at some 373ft (113m) long and displacing 3,200 long tons.  Ok, it wasn’t a destroyer or  carrier, but it was big enough for my first ship.   Now imagine a 760ft (230m) long, 102ft (31m) wide ship with a displacement of 53,500 tons parking right next to you.