“And what a plan! This vast operation is undoubtedly the most complicated and difficult that has ever occurred.”

Churchill’s speech on D-Day (Hansard, 6 June 1944, cols 1209-1210). 

June 6th 1944 – The Day that ultimately led to the end of World War Two.Around 156,000 Allied troops landed in Normandy on that first day of the invasion.
61,715 were British
73,000 were American
21,400 were Canadian

4,413 Allied soldiers died on D-Day alone, with German losses estimated to be between 4,000 and 9,000.

The assaults took place on five beaches codenamed Juno, Gold, Omaha, Utah and Sword.

Many years ago, I was staying in Caen overnight whilst enroute to a summer vacation further south in France.  Having seen a few signs for D-Day Landing Exhibitions, we decided to pay a visit to the Omaha Beach Museum given it was close to where we were staying.


The tranquility on the beach that day gave no clue to the horrors that occurred back on June 6th 1944.
The size and scale of the US Cemetery was however, a sharp reminder of the sacrifice made by all of those who fought for the freedoms we now enjoy.

O LORD GOD, our Father, our Saviour, our Might, we pray Thee take into Thy keeping, us who are joined together in a trinity of arms on sea, on land, and in the air in this our special service for King and Country. We pledge ourselves to do, to dare, to die that others might live, believing in Him who said; “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” Grant us faith, courage, and determination that we fail not in whatever duty may lie before us, and may we be enabled by Thy Divine Grace to bear our part in establishing peace on earth and goodwill amongst men. This we ask for Jesus Christ, His sake. Amen

Lest we forget.Royal British Legion's Paper Poppy