The boys were playing indoor football again… And it was bound to happen, he says looking at them mowing the back yard for me…

Every bulb I use in this house came from one of the best online stores I’ve seen, not only for usability, but for the sheer numbers and types of GLS and CFL’s they stock in their e-shop.

I’ve just used my last spare bulb and on visiting the site, I see they stock a lot more items than when I last visited.

I spent ages looking for a new bulb for the oven a few weeks back and in the end gave up. None of the stores round here stocked one, and the guy in B&Q even tried to convince me that they “don’t make em’ like that anymore, can I interest you in a new oven sir…”

Having just logged into the ebulb shop, they jumped out at me, and low and behold, my lamp is the second one down on the list.  Looks like I’ll be ordering a couple of them as well.  ebulb is just that… it’s not just CFL’s, I reckon if you get light from it, they’ll stock it.

You can tell its been a few months (years??) since I last checked that site.  I’ve just spent a good while looking at all the new stuff they stock.

Never ever buy a bulb from your supermarket or dare I say your local DIY shop.  Even if they are non-filament type, I don’t have any faith that they haven’t been throwing around the boxes that the bulbs were supplied in.
A few weeks back when I was away, my wife bought two new bulbs from a large well known supermarket and both bulbs were broken, when she went back to change them, she found that most of the bulbs on the shelves were damaged in some way.  It was like someone had been playing football with them, (and no, my two boys were not with her).
She didn’t realise I had a box of spares out in the garage (which was the original box supplied from ebulbshop.
That’s the other thing about buying from a specialist. They not only can give you the best advice on which product you need, they also know how to look after the product right up until it reaches your front door.