Something on my Google Homepage in a news headline caught my attention tonight.
Don’t know why. I wasn’t a fan, follower or admirer of hers.

The tabloid staple and reality-TV star Anna Nicole Smith passed away Thursday. Fame (via her Playboy pictorials, her endless inheritance case and her E! TV show), as well as money, good looks and ample physical assets were not enough to keep Smith alive, which is very sad.


Now I don’t agree with what she says on there, but a quote is a quote.
The part that shocked me was she was only 39 (the same age as me, well, for at least the next month).

I remember all the press coverage about her when she married J. Howard Marshall who promptly died and then left her a fortune.

On February 8th 2007, she was found in a hotel room at the Seminole Hard Rock Cafe in Florida.  She was pronounced dead on arrival when she arrived at hospital a few hours later.

Ok, she’s a star, a star with too much money, too much publicity, too many problems etc etc, but she was also my age, a parent (although of what quality I can’t and won’t say).

You don’t expect stars to fall over, even the spoilt rich drugged fueled one.  It just caught me by surprise.  She gets all that money in somewhat controversial circumstances, and now what… Her “attorney” gets it ??  Something fishy going on here if you ask me.