I’ve been in France for a vacation and was checking a few emails I missed while away. One included a link to a blog that had this YouTube Video of Paul Potts singing Opera in the ITV Show Britains Got Talent.

The guy was a night shift Tesco’s shelf stacker, then working for the Carphone Warehouse and man can he sing… He says he has spent some £20,000 on training and has had some experience of public performing before, but certain events robbed him of a career in Opera.
Well that was before he won the ITV competition and good luck to him. Just the look of “here we go, some guy trying to sing opera” on the faces of the judges, and then the look of astonishment when he began, was worth watching.

I have only seen this one episode of the show, and have only just noticed the US version and hadn’t even heard of it before last week. I don’t watch that much TV, but glad someone pointed this out to me..

There is more video (better quality) on the ITV Website. That’s one show/episode I wished I had watched.