I had downloaded and installed a plugin for MT that basically puts an icon on your page which provides a short cut to allow Skype users to click it, launch Skype and call me.

There was me thinking that despite this site getting 190,000 hits during November, that no one really reads these pages. Well obviously somebody is reading the web page because in the 3 days since I placed the Skype shortcut, I’ve had hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of calls to my Skype account.

So to that extent, I’ve removed it for the time being. Not that I don’t like being called, but more than a hundred calls a day doesn’t leave much time for work !!!

Also, Skype 2 has now been released (from its Beta phase) and there is a new download available.

Skype 2 now supports Video calls, and has a few user interface changes as well. Nothing drastic. I’ve yet to try out a video call but its just another feather in its cap.

One problem I did have with the Beta version is that once installed it displays a dialog box saying “Would you like to test your video now?”. Well in my system, I have several sources of video available, and the webcam was not the default. So clicking yes locked up Skype as it tried to access one of my video sources.

Quitting the application via the task manager was the only option. Upon reloading Skype I selected the options and configured it to use my webcam as the default video source and then tested it. This worked much better and didn’t cause a lock up. I have passed a bug report to Skype and they are investigating it. They might even have fixed it in the released version (as I found this with the Beta build).