Oh how I laughed today when I read the score: Portmouth 4 – Southampton 1.
I do feel some pitty for Southampton, especially as they are firmly rooted to the bottom of the Premiership.
Harry Rednapp must be wondering what the heck he took on.
I’m not one of those out and out ‘Scummer’ haters. I began to support Pompey after I joined the R.N in 1987 and was based in Portsmouth. I like to watch football where ever I am, (so why go to Portsmouth I hear those scummers calling?). Those were the days of Gavin McGuire, Darren Anderton, Guy Whittingham and co.
I only ever went to see Southampton once when Gillingham played them in the F.A Cup when they were at the old ground.
They new ground is quite impressive, and they have the team to match it, but confidence is so low within the team its difficult to see how they are going to escape relegation. I really do hope they do, because they are better than a Championship team, but even then, I think they’d struggle for a season or two before getting close to going back in to the premiership. Let’s just hope they can pull themselves out of it, but not at the expense of Portsmouth I’d like to add.
I’d lay the blame directly on the shoulders of the Southampton chairman. He doesn’t inspire confidence in anyone around him it appears, well apart from the old England Rugby coach that is.
Portsmouth look set to enjoy another season in the Premiership, and it will be good to see what the new manager can do with the squad. I doubt if Mandaric (Pompey chairman) will make much money available.
But 4 – 1 did have a nice ring to it, even if it was those Pompey Chimes.
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