explain pair’s removal

Passengers on a Manchester-bound flight have described how two men were
removed from the plane because other travellers thought they were speaking

I was totally amazed by the piece of news on the BBC website when I first
heard it. When we start to let these sort of things happen, we know the
terrorists are winning the game.

Terrorism is
the systematic use or threatened use of violence to intimidate a population
or government and thereby effect political, religious, or ideological change.

Whether or not the recent attempt to blow up several planes flying from
the UK eventually took place, it doesn’t matter. Those initiating the attacks
probably don’t care if they succeeded or not. When we start behaving like
the passengers on the above flight did, the organisers are in a win/win

What are we going to do next? See new airline companies start up such
as COE Airlines, Vatican Airways. Will we start to see denomination based
airlines where your religion on your passport determines which airline
you can fly with?

Those passengers who kicked up such a fuss over ‘two guys’ possibly speaking
‘Arabic’ should be ashamed of themselves. Perhaps they had been watching
the Jodie Foster in flight movie showing of Flight
and got a little too carried away with reality.

If I had been the airline concerned, I would have taken all the other
passengers off and let the two guys fly in first class on their own

I could perhaps understand it if they were seen mixing explosives, comparing
ruck sacks, hiding matches in their shoes, buying up all the pocket knives,
uploading a final farewell video to YouTube or some other suspicious activity.
But talking in Arabic?

Two of the alleged ‘potential’ bombers were born and raised ‘white’ English
and converted to Islam many years ago, so speaking Arabic is no indicator
as to the danger of someone.

I remember flying post 9/11 and meeting two Saudi passengers in the bar
prior to the flight. They were more nervous than all of the other passengers
because all eyes were on them. If the two guys in the above report looked
nervous, is it any wonder?

I hope the airline has the decency to apologise, and to do it very publicly.
As should any passenger who kicked up a fuss in the first place.