Valentines in our house this year was a quiet event as all three kids have the damn flu bug that is sweeping the UK, and the wife was working a night shift.
I had to pop to the local chemists to top up on medicines for the kids since we used most of what I bought last Thursday while we were away over the weekend (I will get round to blogging that story soon).

I decided to cook Anne-Marie a meal before she went to work and ended up doing the following:

Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Butternut Squash
Steamed Mange Tout
Steamed Carrots (and then Honey Glazed).
Baby New Potatoes
Celeriac (Mashed with double cream added)
Baby Spinach.
Scallops pan fried in Ginger, Chile, butter. (After the scallops were cooked, roughly 4 mins, I wilted down the spinach in the melted butter, ginger and chile juices).
Fillet Steak pan fried with course black peppercorns. Quickly searing both sides of the fillet steak, I added a good measure of double cream and placed the frying pan into the over whilst I finished the scallops and spinach.

I mention the placing of the steak into the over, as this explains the title of the post. Now for the last 2 weeks I have done Sunday roast (apart from this weekend gone because we were in Minehead), I have reached across the top of the steamer to get a knife and burnt my forearm on the damn vent. And boy does that hurt. Well last night I got close to the steamer but caught myself before I managed to burn myself. It even gave me a chuckle because its become a bit of an ‘in-joke’ as to what I am going to burn next (me, not the food I might add). Well the steamer didn’t get me last night, but I wished it had. When dishing up, I had removed the roasted sweet potatoes and butternut squash from the oven, along with the fillet steak. In my mad rush to dish up, I then promptly reached over and picked up the frying pan that had just come out of the 200deg oven. I wished I has used the oven glove. You could hear the palm of my hand sear as I ‘quickly’ gripped the handle. I say quickly since I didn’t hold onto it for too long. Luckily I didn’t remain in contact for too long.

Whilst I have to say that the food tasted excellent, and one might say that being fed your dinner by your wife could be romantic. Having to sit through dinner with my hand in a bowl of iced water wasn’t exactly the most romantic way of spending a Valentines dinner !!! Its not too bad this morning as I did keep it in the cold water for a good 3 hours and then an hour of applying calamine lotion. I still have blisters on all 4 fingers, my thumb and the palm of my hand and it has swollen somewhat.

Considering that I do 90% of the cooking, this recent spate of burning myself has only occurred in the past few months. The last accident I had in the kitchen was almost 7 years ago and involved corn on the cob, a sharp knife and the item formally known as the tip of my finger.