Update: 18:45 6th Jan 2006
Whilst I don’t think it has anything to do with the fact that I made this post, but I received an updated version of the firmware for the DG834GT today (version v01.01.30). It was emailed to me directly from a Netgear support guy. Now I already had a copy of the v01.01.30 that was sent to someone on the forum months ago, but it didn’t fix the issues I had been seeing. I’ve installed this version on my router for the time being just to see if the other problems show any signs of improvement.
It beats me why if this version has been around a few months and that it is being sent directly to people who request it via email, why they don’t just publish it on their website. It makes you wonder if they are aware of any problems with the v01.01.30 version that is preventing them from making a mass release.
I would like to think that they in the process of compiling a new release that includes a few more fixes. (But somehow I doubt this).
Anyway, I won’t post this v01.01.30 version here because any old tom dick and harry can come download it, modify it, and post their own versions.
If you do want a copy of the new software drop me an email and I will forward you on a signed (PGP) email with it as an attachment. (It’s 3meg or so, so make sure you have the room).

I’ve had a Netgear DG584GT router for quite some times now. It behaves ok 99% of the time, but some of the functionality is a bit screwy to say the least.
Wireless performance is Ok at 54M/sec, but the alledged 108M/sec is a pain to get stable. Any Bluetooth band activity in the house trashes the connection.

The main problem that piddles me off is that the reporting is hosed up. I submit my access logs to DSHIELD for analysis, but some of the more useful information gets munged by the router. It’s a simple fix that has been updated in similar DG834xxx models, so all they have to do is incorporate the fix into the same GT build. But that has taken over 9 months so far.

I wouldn’t bother using their web support portal. It takes them ages to read it, and then you get a reply that is so far off the mark, it is as if the person reading it is from another planet. Mind you, the fact that Netgear outsourced their support to India is no surprise here. It takes several emails back and forth for them to understand the problem, and even then they will close the pin down as fixed when in fact it is not. I have had to raise the same pin 5 times now.

The web based forum is full of great information, but almost none of it actually comes from Netgear staff at all, but the general public.

So as much as I like the performance and functionality of the Netgear compaired to previous manufacturers, they support sucks to the extent that I will probably never purchase a product from them again. Once or twice to be infuriated is ok, but not ten times over a year; that is just taking the michael.


108 Mbps Super Wireless ADSL Router with 4-Port 10/100 Switch

Great kit, piss poor backup… Don’t go there.