We were round at the neighbours last night for a BBQ and had just moved inside as it became colder when there was an almight commotion outside on the main road through Bramley.

When we got outside a police car had pulled over a white van and the occupants had left the van and were running away from the lone policemen.

The van had a smashed wingmirror and a punctured right front tire, so it didn’t appear as if it had been ‘stinger’ed’.

One of the guys had run down the side of a house on the other side of the road and we didn’t see where the others had run to.

With us thinking the excitement over we moved back inside and then about 20mins later, our neighbours daughter who was watching from an upstairs window said that one of the escapees had returned and given himself up to the police (which had increased in numbers by this time).

Since they were only 30ft from our house and the curtains were open, my two dogs were going mad with all the activity outside our house so I had to pop round and close all the curtains and turn some music on to drown out the noise else they would have barked themselves silly.

We don’t have a clue what is was all about, and for Bramley it was quite exciting really. Not much passes through here except traffic and quite a few tractors.

It was then that our neighbour told us the story of the day she looked out the window at the road and there was a ‘kangeroo’ bouncing up and down the road. After a few looks she realised she wasn’t dreaming. When she phoned the police, she didn’t quite know how to say what she saw until the policewoman on the other end said, “Don’t tell me, Bramley and you’ve spotted a Kangeroo!!”.

They had received a number of reports about it, which also confirmed she was not seeing things.

As it happens, there is a large estate quite close which apparently has wallabies and one of them had escape. The RSPCA came and captured the animal and returned it back to the owners.

So it appears there is excitement in Bramley, every now and then.