Woo Hoo…
BT finally pulled their fingers out and allowed Pipex to up my connection speed to a ‘massive’ 1.1MBits/sec. (Still 9M behind what I had in the US, but it is better than 512K !!).
BT haven’t actually done anything to the local exchange, and they are still insisting that I am too far away from the local exchange for ADSL to work at all. It was because I used Pipex for my ISP, so it became very low profile.
A while back when I had a flyer recently offering me 1MBits/sec with BT Yahoo, I followed up on it, phoning through to the order line, and stated that I didn’t think I could get it where I am but I was really interested in a high speed business line, (which costs megabucks, let alone megabits). The nice salesman was very sure about me being able to support ADSL business line, so I asked him to double check and get back to me via email. Later that very same day I got my email to confirm his earlier enthusiasm and they asked me when I would like to be connected. Funny though that when I asked Pipex to ‘upgrade’ my connection, BT would tell them that it wouldn’t support it. And there is nothing that Pipex can do about it once BT tells them the line doesn’t support it, because they had met their legal requirement as set down by the OFTEL people. BT were just exercising their rights as an ex-Monopoly I suppose.
But heck, no sour grapes. I’m now connected twice as fast as yesterday, even if it took them 6 months to do it.