SEO Tutorial from SEO Gold: “For the target audience to find your website on the search engines, the page should contain keyword phrases that match the phrases the target audience is actually typing into search queries (we like to state the obvious at SEO Gold). For example if a page of your site is about an ‘SEO Tutorial’ this phrase and it’s derivatives (ie Ethical SEO Tutorial) should be used throughout the text and other important areas of the code. This might seem like common sense, but take 30 minutes to read through a few of your web sites important pages and ask yourself ‘do they shout about your product or service?’ If not you’ll find this Search Engine Optimization Tutorial useful an essential aid to your future SEO plans.
Quick SEO Tip – note above how rather than writing ‘If not you’ll find this Tutorial useful’ we added the important phrase ‘Search Engine Optimization Tutorial’ another derivative of SEO Tutorial. Being long winded is a prerequisite to good SEO copywriting! ”