Who was Guy Fawkes? (From the BBC)
Guy (Guido) Fawkes led the Gunpowder plot in 1605. It was a plan was to blow up King James I
and his government.
I haven’t smelt this much cordite since we did a 4/5 shoot on HMS Ariadne. And there was me thinking the number of people having their own firework displays was meant to be getting smaller.
We remember to think about our two dogs by putting them in the front room, curtains closed, music really loud so as to drown out as much noise as possible. What I didn’t account for was the near 3 megaton explosion of one of the most innocent looking fireworks in the display box I purchased earlier on today. I’m still not sure we didn’t break any windows in the street. Something came out of this tube, leapt about 10 ft in the air and promptly removed all remaining leaves from the garden trees for about a 2mile radius. Upon checking on the smaller of our two dogs (the one who is mostly bothered by the sound of explosions), it appears she developed a weak bladder whilst doing several laps of the front room. (It is not just fireworks she hates, we live in the country where quite a bit of shooting is done, and there also happens to be an Army training area within spitting distance. Despite the fact that we bought the dogs in the US where I would have assumed they would have been use to the sound of gunfire… Obviously not !!).
Now to plan for next year. I’ll probably give each of the kids a sparkler each with a 20 pound note wrapped round it. It’ll work out much cheaper that way, and a lot less hassle too.
(And I won’t be farting cordite for the next week either !!).