If I were to ever listen to those pansies who complain about cell phone and brain damage, today was a day for it. My phone did not stop all day with calls from agencies and companies. I recently updated my CV and I think it hit the streets today. I must have taken about 18 calls on my phone during the morning, and still had 20 voicemails to answer after lunch. Of those, all were worth following up, and several have interviews set up for next week. (So if my boss is reading this, I need to go visit my back doctor next week every now and then. Especially on Tuesday when I need to see him in Birmingham..ahem… )
For obvious reasons, the 3G handset market appears to be on the up and there has been a lot of interest in my resume from this field.
And on the back of 9/11 (or 11/9 to us Brits), the defence sector is still seeking various rolls).
So far, the key locations seem to be (in no particular order), Carfiff, Cambridge, Birmingham, Bristol, Bath and London). I have a few in Germany, Holland and the South of France, which sound nice, but I’m comitted to staying in good old blighty for my kids education, unless its some rediculus offer that I would be nuts to turn down.