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Moving From the Old Blogger to Blogger2 (Beta)

Getting the ‘Move your account to
Use the new Blogger’

It is that time! You log into your blogger account and you get the dreaded
message.  Time to move to the new blogger (the old beta).  You can
go to your dashboard, but you get one more chance of doing that and then you
‘have’ to move over.

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dreaded new blogger change over time

So you get the message, what next?
Do you go ahead and agree to the terms of service and hit continue?

Well let me first say, I’ve not heard of anyone losing a blog because of a
move over from the ‘old blogger’ to the ‘new blogger‘.  I’ve
heard of and helped out a few people who have managed to trash their blogs
by playing around with the new settings without realizing what they were doing.  But
all in all, the process works well (now..).  A few weeks back a good friend
of mine (Sally from The
), was also apprehensive about moving from the old to the new
system.  In the end the automated system determined it couldn’t do the
transfer and referred it for investigation by a blogspot engineer.  That
was the first instance of that message I had come across and I have yet to
hear of the final outcome with that story.

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