Well the kids are off school, the wife doesn’t go back to work until Thursday/Friday and then she is off until just after Christmas.

Just the last few items of Christmas shopping to go and then we are done. I even managed to post ALL of the Christmas cards before the last post deadline this year (although I am bound to have forgotten someone !!).

It still doesn’t feel like its Christmas yet, the lights are up, the log fire is burning away since it definetly feels like it is cold enough to be Christmas.

I’d say 90% of my Christmas shopping was done online this year with no problems other than Argos getting things completely wrong. They have a really bad checkout system online that doesn’t have an ounce of common sense. I ordered 4 items one of which was an extended warranty. Having checked that all of them were available for delivery I completed the purchase only to be billed for £19.99 rather than the £99.99 that I expected. It transpired that they were out of stock of all the items, so just charged me for the warranty. So I ended up with a warranty for the items I wasn’t going to get. Not only that, but after I phoned them up to cancel the order, they charged me twice, and then charged me for the items that they first told me they were out of stock. So despite the checkout process telling me I had only been charged £19.99, I was actually charged that twice, and then the £80.00 for the out of stock items. It took a week for them to back charge my credit card, all the time them earning interest on my own money.

Needless to say, I won’t be using Argos online again, as this is the second bad experience with them in the past year.