It is absolutly tators outside. I’ve not felt it this bitter since last winter, so I guess the cold snap is on its way.

The following is an except from the Met Office webiste.

Low pressure is expected to remain to the north or northwest of the UK, with higher pressure to the south over southern Europe, ensuring a run of westerly winds across the country. Gales are possible in some places, especially over northwestern districts. For the first week or so this general pattern will lead to above average values for rainfall across the UK. However, rainfall amounts should revert to near average for most after the first week. Temperature values across the UK will be generally above average for the first couple of weeks, with few frosts expected. Later, however, temperature values will fall to be nearer average for most districts.

The wildlife in the village is going nuts. Actually, they are going for my nuts, well the nuts I have put in the feeders. It usually takes a few weeks for them to empty the feeders during the winter, but they’ve been empty after a few days. Squirrels, robins, tits, finches, woodpeckers and a few more I don’t know. (I’m not a twitcher).

All I know is that they appear to be definetly stocking up for a long winter period. Even the field mice are getting braver, though this year they’ve had to find their own food since I have pinned hidden the feed this year. (Last year that had a right feast).

The fire was lit as soon as we got home from school tonight and its now as warm as toast in here. I’ve been stocking up the wood pile this year a bit earlier than normal. Usually the ‘logman’ gets busy around christmas time, but is saying it business is crazy right now.