A 22-year-old man has become the first person in the UK to be convicted for modifying a video games console.
The Cambridge graduate was sentenced at Caerphilly Magistrates Court in Wales to 140 hours of community service.
The man had been selling modified Xbox consoles which he fitted with a big hard drive containing 80 games

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We are still using the US PS2 that I bought in Texas and running it via a 240/110v transformer. It even works on the RGB input which is where I thought my main problems would be with the difference betweem PAL/NTSC. So many TV’s, Videos and DVD’s these days come with support for both systems already.

I must be the only person who was thinking of getting his US PS2 chipped to play UK games. My kids are getting fed up playing the games they got a year ago, (although they have now been converted to playing games on their PC, the kids that is, not the games, or I will be the next one taken to court).
I’ll be waiting for the next generation of PS before I do anything about it though.