Was great news to see that London won the big to host the 2012 Olympics.

It was quite a close run race with France and I can bet they are disappointed as this is their 3rd attempt to host it in modern times.

They needed Lord Seb Coe on their side and I believe it was his work that gained us the 4 extra votes that were required to win.

We sat down with my 3 children last night to decide which sports they will starting to train on to bring their dad a few gold medals.

My 6 year old daughter might be struggling to get involved with the games, but my 9 and 11(almost) year old sons could have a chance. Its shame that they are not very ‘sport’ minded other than the normal football etc.

As an update, it appears that this morning terrorist attack in London was related to the G8 conference being held in Scotland and not the winning of the Olympics winning bid.

My thoughts are with those families effected by todays attack.