I searched for ages on various forums as to how to telnet to the Netgear DG834GT Wireless Router.

I actually found the answer on the forums run by Netgear themselves, although most of the posts(>99%) appear to be from the general population rather than Netgear themselves).

Either way, it was still a difficult search that involved a lot of reading.

I eventually found a post by .]Gargoyle[. that provided me with the infomation, so credit goes to him for the answer.

To gain access to the telnet service on the router, you must first enable debug mode on the router by entering the following link in your browswer :

This assumes that your router IP has not been changed from the default of of course.

Now you just open up a regular telnet session, which on windows you can do by:

Start –> Run –> telnet

A telnet session should then start.

You then type open and away you go.

Simple when you know how…

Trouble for me, is that I spent so long looking for clues on how to get telnet access, now I can’t remember why I wanted to do it in the first place.