Out of interest I was comparing flight costs from London to the Galway area.
First I tried Expedia and it came back with 200+ pounds to Knock which is the biggest airport that you can fly from the UK in order to get to Galway. There is an airport in Galway, but you have to fly from Dublin.
I then thought I’d check Easy Jet to see if they had added Knock to its routes and they have, but from the 28th January. It would make a good Christmas present for the wife me thinks.
I chose a couple of random dates around the 14th of Feb and initially I thought the system was going nuts.
22.99 from London to Knock, and 6.99 for the return flight… so that’s less than 30 pounds (+ taxes, and its pounds and not Euro’s).
And because I happend to pick Valentines weekend, its 22.99 when it will normally be 12.99. So it is really less than 20 pounds (+ taxes). Holy Poop. That means I could fly the whole family to Ireland for less than 100 pounds + Tax.
It’s so damn cheap, I’ve got to go away and think of another couple of presents for the wife now. EasyJet would make me look a right cheap-skate if that was all that I would get her.