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Webhosting Site Goes Live (Finally)

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I’ve finally finished upgrading my web hosting website and its now available for taking live orders.
I’m still waiting for a few payment processor accounts to go live and these are easy enough to add as and when they become active.
For the moment you can select Paypal as the payment processor or a manual invoice step which allows you to place and order and then I email you back to sort out payment options.

So if anyone visits my blog, and wants to place an order, use the manual step for the time being and I will sort you out an extra discount.
Once we agree on a price, I will give you the access page for the payment processor of your choice with the new reduced fee.
For those people who are members of the ‘forum’, I’ll even set you up accounts at cost. (Those who know which forum will know what I am talking about, those who are wise enough to work out which forum can also have the discount). After you have made your order, email me your ‘forum’ username and I will give you the true ‘cost’ price.

I am still working on adding much more content to the site, but wanted to get the basics out there and running. I am about to add the following sections:

  • Web Site Design – This will include links to the various sites I have already designed and in operation right now.
  • SEO – We will also be offering SEO services in order to help improve your site rankings.
  • Blogging – More information on the blogging services we offer. This will include installations of many of the popular blogging applications and also dedicated accounts for hosting your ‘blogspot’ blogs.
  • Add in the FAQ section – The FAQ module is there, but not visible at the moment as it has been causing cross-browser problems on verification. Its only a few minor tweaks required, its just getting the time to fix it that is the hassle right now.

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