Yet more Pipex Woes

Yet another example of bad customer service from Pipex. Pipex, a once great UK ISP, now ruined by the ineptitude of Tiscali and TalkTalk. A great lesson on how to take a great company and run them into the ground.

failure-successTwo moans about Pipex in as many days.  They really are going for it in a big way of late.

When I raised a support request the other day, I used my Pipex account email address, i.e the one that has been associated with my account since day one of me being a customer with them. (usually of the form *** 
I noticed that I didn’t receive an auto-reply which was unusual, so out of interest, I sent a test message from another email account.
Funnily enough, it bounced. But not just any old bounce, but because of: Continue reading “Yet more Pipex Woes”