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Hip Op (And No, I don’t mean Breakdancing)

On the 24th July, I finally sorted out why my left hip was locking up and also
why I couldn’t walk more than a few hundred yards before the pain made walking
unbearable. Below are 3 pictures taken from within my hip joint.

The procedure was carried out in London by one of the only surgeons in the
country to carry out Hip Arthroscopy. It was carried out as a day surgery and
I was out of hospital about 2-3 hours after the procedure was completed (I
was at the hospital at 7am, only to wait until 3pm to go down to theatre, but
that’s a different story). Afterwards, I was able to walk out of the hospital
on crutches, go through the London Underground at rush hour, and catch a train
back to my home town and still be home for supper.

The image above shows a piece of cartilage that had been floating around inside
the joint. That is probably the reason for my hip locking up as it would get
caught up when moved in a certain way.

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