Internet Sharks – Domain Registration or Daylight Robbery

A couple of years back I took advantage of an introductory offer on a TLD domain name.
I can’t remember the exact deal, but at the time it was something like £2 for a 2 year registration.

At the time, that was cheaper than my current registrar which worked out at about £1.99 per year, so £2 for 2 years wasn’t to be scoffed at (especially when you are registering 50 or so’s a month).

The first of them is nearing renewal and so the 60 day renewal warning turned up in my inbox, and as I expected they increased their renewal price to £9.99 a year.  I’d already started the transfer to my current registrar so it wasn’t a problem. As I said, I was expecting the hike, and I only registered with them to take advantage of saving a packet.

What I didn’t expect was an email from Nominet.

Nominet is the Internet Registry for ALL .uk TLD’s.

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