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Get Paid to Blog?

Is it real this time? Can you really get paid for blogging?
No, I don’t mean, you sign up and post on someone else’s blog and they pretend
to pay you in shares or something.
Or, no, I don’t mean you join 1000’s of other mugs who sign up and basically
provide the parent sites content (which they then sell on at 100x what they
paid you, or they rake in bucket loads of PPC revenue).

I mean you get paid to blog about what you choose to blog about on your own

If you are going to write something on your blog anyway, what is the harm
in checking on Bloggerwave,
seeing if your topic is on there and getting paid a few pennies anyway.  Even
if its a miserable $10, that’s double what you probably (should) be paying
for your monthly web hosting costs.  Write one of those a month and all
your web hosting is free.

And it might even get you into the habit of blogging more regularly. 
It’s a brand new site, but I was asked to check it out for a client of mine.
Sign up process was easy, nice user interface and all in all it appears a pretty
good bet.

Get Paid to BlogRemember,
you don’t have to pay them anything, you just have to post like you was going
to do anyway. So what you got to lose just for looking? 
Check out Bloggerwave and
make your own mind up…