Looking at Hawaii This Year?

We are only a few weeks away from this years holiday, but an email from a friend in the US has me thinking about where to go next year.
They are off to Hawaii in a few weeks and he was telling me about the Hawaii beachfront cottages available to view online at Hawaiian Beach Rentals where he found his cottage.

Now to us Brits, a trip to Hawaii seems a bit beyond us, but to most Americans its as common as a day trip to the beach would be for us.  
Hawaii to the Americans is within easy reach even though it could be many 100’s if not 1000’s of miles away from their homes.
It’s not that far away from the UK other than an 8 hour flight and price wise, it can be as cheap as many European holiday destinations.

But when you look at what the island has to offer, it far surpasses anything that Europe could provide. 

And one of the advantage of using Hawaiian Beach Rentals is that you can avoid the large holiday hotels where you often end up fading into the masses that would be staying there.

You can choose between a Maui condo or Kauai vacation rental home, you can find any type of holiday home to suit your needs, and within your budget too.

Hawaii Beach Front Cottage


 When you look at something like this home, it’s hard to believe that it probably costs less than most hotels.  It would be like a home from home and yours for the whole time of your stay.

And you get to buy your own food and that can be a lot cheaper than most hotel food, but that won’t stop you from eating out in the 100’s of top class restaurants along the many beach fronts and towns.

It’s something that we are going to seriously look at for next year, and Hawaiian Beach Rentals will be one site we’ll be spending plenty of time on.