Zachary built a very nice looking electric guitar top from a $15 Ikea end table. He says he can build three tops from one end table.

200702211313 This is one of the most interesting guitars I ever built and it is also one of the best.

The action is great, the tone is unbelievable, the neck is super fast, tuning stability is as good as it gets. In short, everything just worked out great on this guitar. This amazingly figured top is from Ikea Furnishings. I bought one of their unfinished end tables for $15 and I can get three guitar tops from it. What a shame that they would use such amazing “tone-wood” for their cheap furniture. Its a sacrilege.


Not a bad idea, especially when you think for $15 he gets 3 guitar tops from a single table. 
It’s made me think about popping to Ikea next time I need some wood for a project.  The wood in B&Q is extortionate.  Reminds of when I was living (for 3 years) in Texas.  I could get a power saw for $10, but if I wanted a lump of wood to use it on, it seemed to cost 10 x that amount.

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