7 dead in shooting rampage at postal center

7 dead in shooting rampage at postal center
Updated, 6:45 a.m. Former employee opens fire at mail facility near Santa Barbara, killing six and then herself. Authorities have no idea why

By The Associated Press

A former postal employee opened fire at a mail processing plant near Santa Barbara, killing six people and critically wounding another before committing suicide, authorities said today.
Deputies overnight swarmed the Santa Barbara Processing and Distribution Center in Goleta, located just blocks from University of California, Santa Barbara, as they searched for the female shooter. The Monday night rampage sent employees running from the sprawling complex and prompted authorities to warn nearby residents to stay indoors

During our 3 years in the US, one of the new phrases we learnt was ‘Going Postal’.

It appears that the high proportion of former Vets in the Postal service leads to some violent reactions or at least that was how it was explained to me whilst over there.

Our postman was quite nice (unless someone left something in the way of the postbox and then it would get squashed regardless of whatever it was.

Remember in the states (in most if not all places), the postman collects your outgoing mail from your mail box at the end of your drive or at a post station so they have to visit nearly each house to see if there is any mail. Rather than the UK where we post it in a box somewhere local.

I don’ know if it is the job, or perhaps driving a right hand drive veihcle all day does something to them, but there is always something in the US press about a postal employee somewhere in the US.