As a supporter of Pompey, it brought a wry smile to my face when Southampton got relegated on Sunday, but only because of the rivalry that has built up between the two clubs.
I do feel sorry for the Saints, which some might say means I am not a ‘true’ Pompey supporter. In a way, I’m not in that I only started following Pompey in 1987 after joining the RN and being based there. In the subsequent years I have always followed Pompey as much as I can where ever I am.
Saints are one of those clubs who are ‘too’ big to go down, but only in size, not in stature or past performances. When it comes to getting it done on the pitch, no club is too big to go down. Look at Forrest and the like of Leeds. But its not all down the the players and manager.
In my humble opinion, the chairman has only himself to blame. Saints have had more managers than my other team Gillinham had away wins. Was it 3 in the one season? What was he thinking?
Stability? Lose a few games, get a new manager. Lose a few more, get a new manager?
Lowe must go, or step aside an apoint someone who knows something about the game. If Man Utd fans need anymore evidence of what happens when a clown with money comes in and ruins a club, all they have to do is look at the club who they themselves condemned to the Championship on Sunday.
Let us just hope that Saints get back to the Premiership as soon as they can.
How Lowe can you go? Just ask a Saints fan.