The Code Project – Blogs,RSS News feeders, and ATOM [ Part One ] – ASP.NET: “Introduction
In this article you will be shown RSS standard, history and versions , also you will get familiar with the new next generation standard which is ATOM. Also you will get a brief history of Blogs, News Readers and its evolution , and the strong relationship between blogs and RSS . Most, if not all , of the news sites and agencies support a news feed link to the latest news or breaking news , Actually I consider the website that’s not showing the news feed magic icon a poor one, you will find in codeproject a feed for the latest articles and site news , so everybody should be familiar with the concept of news feeds , both developers and novice users !”
This is an excellent article introducing you to Blogs, RSS, News Feeders and ATOM written by Kareem Shaker.
Look for Part two coming soon.