But be warned… I have heard some bad things about customer support with Dabs, but I have never personally used them before. Quite a few people have complained about them and only one person had a good experience. But heck… 259 !!! It’s a giveaway… Ideal for an entry level machine.. I was thinking of getting one for the kids and the spec is not so far away from my firewall/server box under my desk.
All I have to do is pop a wireless network card in (or might just go for a USB -> Wireless connection and they will be good to go). Note: It has no monitor, but you can pick up very cheap LCD’s these days or go for a whopper of a CRT.
DabsValue Cel2.4 256MB 40Gb CDRW Desktops & Workstations: “Dependable performance
Simple usage & functionality
Easily expandable
Affordable by everyone
An exceptional offer with simple choices, this is a value proposition for those who do not want to spend too much yet ensures that you have all the features you need to get your work done. Ports on the front allow quick connection to peripherals and headphones. There is extra room to upgrade memory, graphics and drives, the ePC strikes the right chord for maximising all your options.
ePC Cel2.4 256MB 40Gb CDRW
Intel Celeron 2.4
Asrock Motherboard
RAM 256 DDR PC-333 Hynix
Modem/LAN 10/100
CDRW 52x32x16
6x USB2 Ports (2 front)
Gaming port-Optional
Expansion slots: 3X PCI, 1XAGP
Audio on board
CPU Cooler
Black/Silver PS2 Keyboard and Mouse
Black/Silver CASING
MS WINDOWS XP HOME (and recovery CD)
Quick setup poster
CE /local approval
Cel2.4 256MB 40Gb CDRW
&pound259.99 inc VAT (&pound221.27 ex VAT)