The amount of time people have asked me for help when someone has hacked their computer really does hack me off, Not the people who have been hacked, but those doing the hacking.
Ok, sometimes its someone who has had their computer infected that is the cause of doing the damage, but it all has to start somewhere.
How do I know if I have a virus or some trojan on my computer that is causing the damage if I don’t run an anti-virus (I use Panda and its never let me down yet). Can’t remember what I was reading up on, but I found a link to this guys (Lawrence Baldwin) site and it struck me as simple but yet effective method of tracking these attacks.
It is by no means the answer to all our problems, but it does attempt to do something. Whether it is to alert some ISP about someone performing an attack, or highlighting the fact that one of their customers may be infected.
It also got me thinking as to why the anti-virus companies don’t do this sort of thing in the first place. I mean they are the ones that create the logs, catch all the evidence etc. Why don’t they build this functionality into their applications? Why can’t some central server of theirs log all the activity. Most of them already get some sort of feedback from their applications, they must to do to have those fancy graphics showing us how dangerous the current threat is, and advising us to buy the latest and greatest tool to stop it.
But why didn’t they send notice to the source of all the threats that caused them to create the nice little graphics telling us to get better protections.
Biting the hand that feeds you…hmm. why did that just come into my head. (And no I am not a conspiracist, just cynical)
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