After 4 very satisfying years as a PAV customer I finally switched to another vendor today.
I had recently upgraded to Titanium 2004 which was when my problems started happening. When checking my license details, I noticed that they still had my old US address with an old US email so I emailed their support guys and asked them to transfer my details to my new UK address. Somehow there is a disconnect between the US & UK database and after almost 6 weeks of emails and phone calls they still could not resolve it. No matter how I explained, they could not understand the problem, so I threw my toys out of the pram and asked for a refund. I’ll post the email trail on my site rather than in my blog (its getting bloated enough) because its kinda funny in its own way. Talk about the left arm not knowing what the right arm was doing. (I kinda guess what their right was doing though, but that’s just me getting personal, so I won’t go there).
But, credit due where credit is due. I asked for my refund and I got it in 2 days from asking. But this was from their vendor who handles their sales and not PAV, but they said PAV refunded them so I believe them.
And, in the past 4 years they have always given first rate support of 2 or 3 issues that I found with PAV.
It never let any virus slip through, and I always got my daily updates on time (apart from the 6 weeks of waiting for them to sort it out).
And, PAV was the quickest scanner I had seen back then, and it still remains the quickest on most AV comparisons tests.
So I am sort of peeved to be leaving them, but in this day and age I was beginning to feel naked without my updates !! (Not a pretty thought, trust me).
So I am giving Kaspersky a go for a week or so, and then a trial of Avast.
Perhaps I will leave it a year or so and maybe drift back to Panda (when hopefully they have forgotten all about me).
So far, Kaspersky is 86% done (942,000) files and its taken 5 hours to get there).
Oh well, I am as they say like a hospital full of Diddy Men (or Umpah Lumpah’s to my US friends), or as they might say in English, a man of little patience.