Buncefield fuel depot

When I got up early this morning I walked out back with my cup of coffee and my ciggerette and wondered why there was a weird cloud forming over the back field. It wasn’t until I went back in and switched on BBC1 to see that there had been an explosion at the Buncefield fuel depot near Hemel Hempstead.

By road its 60miles from my house to the fire, so as the crow files it is probably half of that. By 8.30am it was obvious that the clouds were in fact the smoke from the fire and to the east of us the sky was covered.

I am amazed that there has not been a massive loss of life and so far I have not heard of any fatalities.

Again, the UK News channels are playing it up as a major incident whilst being careful to mention that no terrorist activity has thought to have taken place, they still had to mention it. The coverage on all of the channels has been rather dramatic to say the least. The buggers even delayed MOTD to show coverage of a cloud of smoke rising into the air.


The above were taken from the BBC News Website



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